Recognise these challenges? 

The struggle with getting a meeting with enough decision makers? 
The sales multiplier being your strategy – We call 10 we get 1 - So, call 100 and get 10? 
Finding cold outreach to be inefficient and time consuming without the necessary results? 
"Social Selling doesn't work in my industry" - Nonsense! 
What most people are doing in the guise of social selling is broadcasting a sales pitch via cold pitching.  
Don't believe me? - Check your LinkedIn messages.... 

This is not blind messaging. This is not Digital Marketing. This is Social Selling. 

Sales strategy consultation and pipeline building 
Prospect engagement 
Discovery call 

We can become your outsourced sales team, before you are ready to commit to full-time employees. 

Pipeline build & Strategy 

Before you embark on your sales journey, it is vital that you have a strategy to follow. 
Who is your target market? 
Why are they your target market? 
What are their pain points? 
Which aspect of your solution takes the pain away? 
Only after you have answered these questions can you build a great pipeline of leads. Good qualification means 80% of the work is done before you reach out to the prospect. 
You want to talk to people who will value your outreach. 
We have perfected a strategy, that for many of our clients has done away with the need for cold calling teams and now drives qualified prospects into business development teams to consult and close - We can help you do this. 

7-Step Social Selling 

We use a process called account-based social selling, utilising our unique – 7 step tracker 
This is a hybrid of account-based marketing and account-based sales but done digitally. 
It focuses on building relationships ahead of time to ensure a higher success rate when it comes to pitching sales.. 
Creating content that addresses the pain points of your audience 
Putting you front and centre in your prospects feed - engaging with your prospects without selling 
Using our 7-step tracker – process this engagement to a meeting. 
Attend a qualified vendor-led meeting 
Close the business 
This is not some ridiculous LinkedIn Hack that compromises LinkedIn terms of business. 

A bit about using Linkedin 

Lots of people we speak to say they are 'good at LinkedIn'...But when we dig a little deeper, they have set the bar pretty low- and the criteria they are using are all wrong. 
Maybe you consider yourself 'good at LinkedIn' because you post multiple times per day - this isn't optimal 
…or you consider yourself 'good at LinkedIn' because you are pitching lots of people every day - but you could be damaging your business more than helping. 
Shockingly, you could be missing the only real metric you should be looking at when it comes to being 'good at LinkedIn'... From the relationships you are forging on LinkedIn - how much business growth have you achieved over the past few months?  
Are you getting results? Or are you just playing around? - BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. 
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