Recognise these challenges? 

A constant struggle with balancing product development, team management and sales delivery? 
Not closing enough profitable deals in line with your business plan? 
Not ready to pay or commit to a full-time sales team, but need results, fast! 
Not having the time to focus on making the product the best it can be, but it needs iterating to stay ahead? 
Not having enough comfortable conversations with your investors? 
Having been founders of our own start-ups, we know the challenges you face when you're ready to begin your sales outreach strategy. We can help you navigate them to be the best you can be. 

We can provide any of, or all of the following and are fully remote - 

Sales strategy consultation and pipeline building 
Prospect engagement 
Need identification and alignment 

We can become your outsourced sales team, before you are ready to commit to full-time employees. 

Sales strategy and pipeline building 

Before you embark on your sales journey, it is vital that you have a strategy to follow. 
Who is your target market? 
Why are they your target market? 
Where will you find them? 
How do they qualify? 
Only after you have answered these questions can you build a great pipeline of leads. Good qualification means 80% of the work is done before you reach out to the prospect. 
You want to talk to people who will value your outreach. 
We can help you do this. 

Prospect Engagement 

We provide senior level initial engagement. This is particularly suitable for companies 
wanting to engage with more profitable prospects, or at the start of their sales strategy. 
We ensure that the relationship gets off on a WIN/WIN footing. 
We start with data you provide and then expand out into our vast professional networks. 
Our primary focus points are: 
The qualification – Creating a genuine desire to engage with you. 
Matching the client’s needs to your product or service. 
Overcome the initial concerns or objections 

Need identification and alignment 

We can own the 'demo' or explanation and need alignment stage of the sales process. 
We draw out the challenges and objections, overcoming them and aligning your product or solution exactly to the clients need. 
All through the process we work with the recognised guidelines of BANT (Budget – Authority – Need – Timing). 
We can do this either face to face or via video conferencing. 
We will never over promise and under-deliver on your behalf 
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