Discovery Partners acts as your all-in-one outsourced business development team, which includes research, qualification, need identification, and engagement.  

Accelerate Growth 
Successful Business Development is about quality as much as quantity. With our relentless focus on quality, our customers convert an average of 1 in 3 of the sales appointments we generate into new business wins. 
Worthwhile Engagement 
Our team of highly networked executives will secure you hard-to-get board-level business development engagements. Clients engage us because we ensure that the prospect is looking forward to meeting you, not because they have been convinced to take the meeting. 
Early Stage Sales 
We are not a telesales company. Our engagement executives are highly networked, mature and experienced B2B professionals. Our people are our greatest asset; it is their skill, experience and passion that drive results for our customers. 
We take the time to get to know your business, your proposition and your target market, then develop a campaign specifically around you. We can use data you provide or that we supply, and you will own. We work closely with you in the initial stages of a campaign to establish what a qualified appointment looks like. These criteria then form the basis of our approach to the project. 
We believe that the more time spent qualifiying opportunities mean less wasted sales prospecting time. We want to just give our clients prospects , not just leads; which is why we work diligently to qulify the right audience targets. Our experienced Business Development team then moves opportunities down the pipeline. Only once the lead is qualified and warm to close, do we pass it to our clients. 
We are fully outsourced in our own proffessional office environment.  
We operate and create engagement for you along with the recognised metrics of BANT. BANT is a sales qualification framework used to identify and pursue the most qualified prospects based on their Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline. 

Outsourced Business Development For Ambitious SME’s. 

How to grow your organisation into a truly successful business is not just about being creative or technically brilliant. You can have the best product or service in the market but unless you deliver message in the right way, it will still be really difficult to grow your business and enjoy the rewards. 
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